Department of Information Technology


The educational program “Information Technologies of Design” allows to get quality professional IT education, which enables employment in enterprises of different activity directions: in IT companies, banks, government agencies, factories, enterprises engaged in software development, research institutes, etc. Experts in Information Technologies of Design are versatile specialists, able to work in various industry fields and commercial structures requiring the application of modern information technologies.


During study, students learn such courses as programming, 3D design, information systems design, development of web and mobile applications, administration of computer networks and databases, which considerably extends the range of their possible employment. In particular, students learn development methods for design systems of applied and program character using the modern information technologies; methods of designing and operation the knowledge bases and databases; the use of methods and means for search, obtaining, processing, and using the information through global and local telecommunication networks; creation the integrated systems of designing and modeling of special-purpose using modern computer technologies; development and design of computer systems and networks; development and management of information resources. There is the Educational-Methodological and Consulting Center of Information Technology Design, which belongs to the section and provides courses to deepen students' knowledge of advanced IT and software products. Additionally, students improve their knowledge in programming and 3D modeling through the courses provided by the Center of engineering programming (the last one belongs to the AMC Bridge-IT company and functions within the section), and also through the courses provided by such IT companies as Netcracker, PortaOne, MindK, and Apptimized. After completing their master's degree, graduates of the «Information Technology of Design» educational program have an opportunity to continue their postgraduate studies within the specialty 122 «Computer Science».


Graduates of this specialty are employed in such positions as systems analysts, software developers and QA engineers, graphic and web designers, system administrators, project managers, etc. by IT companies or specialized IT divisions at enterprises engaged in the support and development of modern information systems.