Distance Learning / Part-time Learning

PART-TIME LEARNING is a form of learning which combines in-class learning at the university during a certain period of time with self-reliant homework. At the beginning of each term the instruction session is held, during this session students attend lectures, do laboratory works, get control assignments and the necessary academic and methodological literature. During the semester consultations for students are held by the teachers according to the schedule.

Part-time learning is:

  • a possibility to study without discontinuing work;
  • prevailing self-reliant work and consultations with teachers;
  • time saving for education (the possibility of getting the double diploma with degrees in two fields).

DISTANCE LEARNING is a form of learning, within which computer and telecommunicational technologies are used. These technologies ensure interactive communication between lecturers and students at different stages of studying and provide self-reliant work with the materials of the informational network. Distance learning in our University gives the students a possibility of twenty-four-hour access to educational materials, constant support and consultations by teachers and methodologists, online video-lectures, virtual simulators and other technological solutions for ensuring the efficient studying process.

Distance learning is:

  • a possibility to study wherever you may be;
  • constant support and on-line consultations by teachers;
  • 100% supply with educational materials through the Internet;
  • one session a year.

For more details, see: http://zaoch.sumdu.edu.ua

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